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3 Shoe styles that keep men in vogue!

Do you love the cut of a good outfit and depend on the right shoe to complete the look? Then these essential shoe styles listed below are just apt for you to toe the line, every time! Read on to stock up your footrobe fashionably well:

OXFORDS- The Dress Shoes:

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With a sleek profile and round toe, the Oxfords or Derby dress shoes lends a man just the right amount of class and elegance that he needs to make a suitable impression.
The ultra-classic Oxford is the go-to shoe to be paired with dinner jackets, business suits and tuxes. Though this particular shoe style is very specific and won’t go with just about any outfit, there is nothing that can replace them better when it comes to a formal, black tie or red carpet occasion. So, get wise and grab a pair of these ever-stylish Oxfords in universal shades such as classic black and dark brown and arrive in style!

MOCCASINS- The Comfy Shoes:

The thing with suede moccasins is that after they are worn out a little, they feel like you have put on a pair of socks.
Great for spring, summer and early fall, they lie in the safest space between formal and informal shoes and are great shoes to drive, travel and stroll a couple of effortless miles in.
Moccasins are typically worn without socks, have a tendency to get soiled easily as they are made of suede and could need you to use a good suede eraser and brush for maintenance.
In all, the comfort they give you will be so worth the while that you’ll opt for owning more than just one pair of them!

BOOTS – The Adventure Shoes:

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For a hike through the woods or just a walk round the corner, these casual leather boots help you get about in style and how! Whatever your trend trait is, you’ll find these casual leather boots to be a satisfying part of your footrobe, all year round.

This is mainly because not only do they go amazingly well with both rugged jean as well as tailored trousers, their versatile construction ensures less maintenance on your part, except an occasional leather balm application to help retain the shine. And if you watch the soles well and get them repaired in case of damage, these casual leather boots could last you a lifetime. Well, almost!

So, here it is; the quintessential shoes that you menfolk should have in your closet for all-occasions wear. While there aren’t that many, but these are must-haves for every man who believes in staying stylish!
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