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3 Shoe styles every woman should have

Going by a popular saying, if a girl is given the right pair of shoes, she can conquer the world! Oh yes, shoe fetish and the fairer gender have a long lost connection. For women, variety in fashion is the spice of life and while there is typically a shoe for every occasion, their petite figures and inherent need to look good requires their every pair to be classy, chic and comfortable.

Typically, there are some classic leather shoe styles that grace every occasion and help women toe the line as far as foot fashion is concerned. Listed below are those popular must-haves.

Mules- The Stylish Footwear:

mules-imagesWorn with almost any outfit, the Mule style of shoes originated in France and were typically worn by the aristocracy.

Mules are backless and often closed-toed, can have heels of any height and have no platform bottoms. Often wore both formally as well as casually, Mules go best with knee length skirts and cropped pants that show off the shoe.

In times where fashion favours comfort, Mules are easy to slip off and on, making them a popular choice amongst women. This shoe style looks brilliant in all kinds of leather and is often decorated with buckles, beads, feathers and colourful embroidery.

Juttis & Kolhapuris- The Ethnic Footwear:

These Indian hand-crafted leather slip-ons bring out the flavour of Indian traditions and are a popularly borrowed style in various parts of the world as well. Locally tanned using vegetable dyes and adorned with extensive embroidery, Juttis and Kolapuris are originally made from buffalo hide, using different shades of leather. Even with changing times Juttis and Kolhapuris have remained a part of India ceremonial attire and are a preferred choice by most Indian women who dress up in sarees, salwar suits and lehengas daily. Shiny threads and colourful beads are often used to craft exquisite motifs on Juttis and Kolhapuris for a royal impact and exclusive touch.

BOOTS – The Dapper Footwear:

women-bootsEvery woman definitely needs stylish leather boots in her closet to take her through the season. Gone are the days when boots were just necessities of cold winter months. Today, the way boots are ruling the international fashion scene, understanding and choosing between their wide variety and styles require some serious knowledge and contemplation. Uggs, knee-high boots, combat boots, peep-toe boots, wedges boots are all differently fashioned and worn with different outfits to bring out their workmanship and brilliance. For example – while Wedges look best paired with sassy jeans or leggings, knee high boots make dresses and skirts look super stylish.

Not only are these leather shoe styles evergreen but thanks to the durability of the material, they often last long enough for you to cherish their relentless presence in your life.

Here’s rounding up the shoe staples for every fashionista. Stay stylish, stay sassy!
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